Privacy policy/Cookies

Hero Mechanics Oy values their service user’s privacy and serves secure and safe user experience. 

Privacy policy

Our organization follows Finnish law in its privacy policy regulation. We process personal information (for example name, address, email, phone number) within limits of legislation for example as a consequence and in accordance of customer relationship, agreement or other consent. Link for our privacy policy is to be found below. 


Hero Mechanics Oy’s web pages use cookies. Later in this text those are called either web pages or web services.

Cookies are text files, that browser program may record for storing information on user’s device. Cookies are used especially when it is applicable to store user’s information. With cookies it is aimed to build a more targeted and more serviceable user experience.

Cookies are used for example to record information about users with help of Google Analytics -service, so that users can be offered better and more targeted content. Google’s privacy policy and terms of usage can be found on next links. 




By using Hero Mechanics Oy’s web pages with a browser, that has cookie settings on, you give consent for cookies usage.

You can prevent or deny recording cookies with browser’s or other application’s settings, but preventing affects on functionality of the web service and on user experience. 

Changes on terms and conditions and contact information

This description has been updated 10.9.2020. We reserve the right to change the privacy policies described herein and update these terms and conditions accordingly.

In case the user has questions, we ask to contact our customer service.

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