We take care of the entire manufacturing process according to our customer’s guidelines: from the material purchasing, through the production to the assembly. Our specialties are precise, complex components, but we are open to the simpler designs as well.

HeRo Mechanics’ range of equipment is already modern and versatile, and we are continuously looking for opportunities to upgrade our machinery park to better serve the needs of our clients even better.

To meet our customers’ needs even better, we are adding a new service to our portfolio. We introduce our brand-new laser marker, allowing customised, precise, and durable markings on products.


Nowadays, identifiability and traceability of parts, products and work performance are expected. Labelling must be legible and permanent, and thus laser marking is an excellent option for industrial marking since it is exact and enduring.



Biglia B438 (Y2)

– 2-axis turn-mill center and bar feeder

– up to 38mm bar diameter

Index R200

– 5-axis turn-mill center and bar feeder

– high speed milling RPM.18000

– up to 65mm bar diameter

W2M-FL-E laser marker

– maximum marking area 300mm x 300 mm

– minimum marking line thickness 0,1 mm

– applicable on various kind of metals with and without finishes


– lathe and bar feeder

– up to 45mm bar diameter


– powder compacting press and sintering furnaces

– pressing force 250T

– maximum dimensions 100 x 100 x 50 mm

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